A nationally representative standing panel of school district leaders

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The American School District Panel is the first nationally representative standing panel of school district leaders in the United States. The panel provides an opportunity for superintendents to share their perspectives and contribute to decisions about education policy and practice.

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RAND Corporation and CRPE, two of the organizations behind the American School District panel, regularly run surveys and create in-depth studies of districts. They do so in consultation with their advisory committee and their partner Council of Great City Schools.

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How Are District Leaders Thinking About Mathematics? Selected Findings from the American School District Panel

A new RAND report uses survey and interview data to build a national picture of how school districts across the country were approaching mathematics during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Longitudinal data

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We survey American school district leaders several times a year about the most pressing issues they face. Use our interactive tool to view the latest survey results.

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